Inexpensive Natural Tips and Treatments

This week I will share with you some inexpensive natural tips and treatments you can do at home to help heal yourself of acid reflux.

Gastric reflux, other wise known as GERD or acid reflux can be treated naturally. About 1 in 8 American suffer from acid reflux, and the primary major cause of gastric reflux is related to what we eat and the way we eat.

There are a couple of conflicting theories about how gastric reflux starts, but ultimately you will seriously need to evaluate the effectiveness of what is actually offered on today’ s market. Based on several credible medical research, a high percentage of gastric reflux symptom results from the lack of Hydrochloric acid (stomach acid), and not the other way around, like most pharmaceutical companies would make you believe.

The problem with these particular prescription medications is they entirely eliminated the acid in your stomach, which will effectively relieve you from the pain, but if you are not producing enough stomach acid, taking these drugs will destabilize your system and could create significant side effects that will eventually worsen your condition.

Your body needs to have the right amount of stomach acid in order to break down the foods and nutrient in your stomach to continue the digestive process through the small intestines, but if you don’ t have enough Hydrochloric acid, the aliments are not broken down properly and do not follow the normal digestive process which could lead to complications such as acid reflux.

Knowing and understanding the condition associated with the problem of not producing enough stomach acid, you could try pure apple cider vinegar, which you can find at any health food store.

A proven and effective way of drinking apple cider vinegar is by taking it during your meal. Many patients and heartburn sufferers get better results by taking apple cider vinegar before and half way through their meal.

The basic content of this product is very acidic and that is why it works so well when someone has a lack of stomach acid. However, if you notice no difference or your condition gets worse after 30 to 45 seconds of drinking it, this will indicate that you are producing too much acid and you should stop using it.

However, if you feel better when taking apple cider vinegar this means you will need help to produce more stomach acid and another great alternative you can take are digestive enzymes. Enzymes will help to absorb and brake down the foods your body needs to function properly. You can find some great sources of enzymes just by eating raw vegetables and fruits.

Eating the right food might just be the answer to your heartburn problems. And finding the best ingredients to extinguish those burning sensations is precisely what is all about. Author and publisher Mike St-john suggests alternative ways to cure heartburns by getting at the root of the problems and finding ways to treat the pain with natural home made ingredients that you could find in nearly any kitchen.