Secret Natural Tips to Clean a Carpet

If you ever had dirt or spilt wine in your carpet, it can be the hardest thing to clean up! Cleaning up carpet these days require you to use dangerous chemicals and harmful products that are not good for the skin and your general health! Nearly all chemicals used to clean carpets are carcinogenic (that is cause cancer), so it is best that you avoid using chemicals to clean your carpet! Here are 2 secret natural tips to clean your carpet!

1. Hot Water mixed with lemon

Hot water mixed with lemon is the simplest and most natural way to clean your carpet! To clean your carpet with hot water and lemon, you must localize the problem stain area first. Once done so, pour hot water and lemon on the carpet slowly and carefully drip by drip! Then when the carpet is moderately wet, get a sponge and mop up the water. You will find out that the carpet is nice and clean! This is because lemon is quite acidic and helps to extract dirt out of the fabric. That’s why most detergents smell like lemon because it has lemon extracts that keep your fabric looking clean and fresh!

2. Baking soda and water!

Baking soda is a natural product that won’t harm your skin or your health! Baking soda is used for cooking to help make bread rise, so you can be sure that baking soda is harmless! Using baking soda to clean carpet is easy! Simply add baking soda to your carpet where it is affected and then add water to rub in. Agitate the carpet until the stain has been removed! It is very simple and easy to do!