Free your body of addictions at Discovery Houses

It is time to heal the addiction from the source and this is only possible with the professional assistance you receive in our retreat houses for people with various addictions in Discovery Houses, these homes are located on the coast of California, here you can share your goals, dreams, fears and stories that forced you to make bad decisions and of course good decisions all this is part of the treatment you are going to receive.

Remember that to heal the body, mind and spirit is very important to take everything that we carry inside and who better to talk about it and face the consequences surrounded by people who have been through it and who are looking for the same thing. The vast majority of patients who have addictions do not know the true reason why began to consume and continue to consume, but once you start to receive psychotherapy and other treatments to cure your addiction, you will be able to see things from a completely new perspective that is truly going to change your life forever.

In Discovery Houses you’ll find everything you need, so the only thing you have to pack at the time of the trip is clothes for a month, the clothes that we recommend that you take are the following:

  1. Clothing for cold and warm weatheras we are close to the shores of the sea, the weather can change a lot, because in the day you can enjoy the delicious warmth of the sun and in the evening you can put a little cold it is for this reason that we recommend to wear a jacket.
  2. Shoes and casual shoes.
  3. As many socks that you consider necessary.
  4. Swimsuits for those days where you want to go to swim a little.
  5. Sportswear because one of the main activities as part of the therapy is to exercise and eat healthy, all they will do this with the help of a professional coach and a nutritionist who will give you recipes delicious healthy meals, because we must remember that the exercise and healthy eating are ideal to maintain a healthy body and mind.

For more information about our houses of rehabilitation for curing addictions, we invite you to contact us through our e-mails and phone numbers available here in our official website