I Am Thinking About Coolsculpting

I got to thinking about this the other day, because I ran into this girl that I used to work with. She seemed totally different if you thought about, in very obvious ways. She was obviously slimmer and she seemed a lot more confident and happy. Of course she had never been obese or even close to it, but she had been pretty close to chunky and she always hated to be overweight even a little. At any rate we got to talking and she told me about all she had done culminating with coolsculpting in Austin TX at this dermatology place. Of course that does not really help you unless you are already going to be at a close to ideal weight, or at least that was the way that she told me how it was done. If you are really fat, then this stuff is not going to do enough to have that big of an impact as it seems to me. Continue reading “I Am Thinking About Coolsculpting”