Natural Tips for Perfect Skin

I believe we all dream of the perfect skin – smooth, glowing, youthful, not too dry, not too oily, with no or only a few laughter lines. Not many of us were born with that kind of skin, though! For the most of us, getting a flawless skin means work.

We need to pay attention to our health and happiness as well as our skin, as they are all entwined. The fact is, our skin will show our bad eating habits, our digestion problems, our stress and our unhappiness. If you truly want a perfect skin, you must take these areas of your life in consideration.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you won’t get a benefit from using a good, natural skin cream! The better products can really make a difference in your skin’s appearance, making it smoother and more beautiful. But taking care of our skin from the outside won’t give you flawless skin if you are not taking care of the inside, too.

I won’t be sharing the most basic of tips with you in this article – you are most likely aware that you need to get enough sleep, drink plenty of water and eat your fruits and vegetables in order to keep your body healthy and your skin glowing. If not, do some research and find out more about these basics, do your best to incorporate them in your life and then come back to this article.

What I want to share with you are my five best natural tips that can boost your well-being as well as your skin condition, enabling you to take big steps towards the perfect skin – starting from today!

1. Avoid eating too much meat

In these days when low-carb is the trend, it might come as a surprise to you that eating meat is harmful for your body. In small amounts it’s OK – you can eat meat 2-3 times a week (even though the human body does not need meat at all), but anything more will stress your body due to the animal fats, cholesterol and medicine and hormone remnants from the antibiotics and other chemicals regularly used in factory farms. Choose more vegetables and plant-based proteins like beans over meat and you’ll most likely feel lighter and healthier in no time. I’ll bet your digestion will improve, too.

2. Get some exercise outside

We all know how important exercise is. It keeps us healthy and fit, our minds active and our circulation active, which in turn helps our skin stay radiant. To get an extra boost from your workout, try and do it outside in the fresh air. Unless you live in a very polluted city, your skin will thank you for the extra amount of fresh air.

3. Give your face a massage

You don’t need a plastic surgeon to look beautiful even when you begin to show the signs of age on your skin. Give your skin a massage, it will firm up the tissues under your skin and improve the circulation of your skin, making it glowing and smoother. Gently massage your face with small, round movements from the chin upwards, first over the cheeks to the forehead, then along the nose. You can do the same for your neck, too!

4. Use a facial mask

Whatever your skin type or age, a facial mask will be an excellent addition to your skin care regime when you are trying to achieve the perfect skin. Use an all-natural mask, they tend to be the best ones for your skin. A few of the best ingredients you can look for are Xtend TK and active Manuka honey. You can use just a cleansing or a hydrating mask once every two weeks, or swap them weekly: week one, use the cleansing mask, week two, the hydrating one, and so on.

5. Find the best skin care cream for you

Don’t waste your money on synthetic creams based on mineral oil and minimal amounts of effective ingredients. You might need to spend a few dollars more, but your flawless skin will be worth it. Choose an all-natural skin cream with enough active substances to really make a difference. Look for ingredients like Xtend TK, Phytessence Wakame and Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10, which are tried and tested substances that can smooth out any signs of age and nurture your skin, regardless of skin type or the climate you are in.

If you want perfect, flawless skin, it will require some work, but it can be achieved naturally, by taking care of our bodies and nurturing our skin with superior skin care products.

If you’d like to learn more about natural skin care, please visit my website for founded information on effective ingredients, skin care pitfalls and one of the best skin care companies I know of. You’ll find the link below!

How to Improve Your Health Naturally

Learning how to improve your health naturally may give you immeasurably more improved quality of life. And it’s probably the quality of life that most people want, rather than the quantity, or length of life.

If you have good quality of life, you can think clearly, have good energy and so motivation, enjoy good company, don’t suffer particularly and, perhaps best of all, don’t see life through a drugged haze.

Here are some suggestions which will cost you little, but have the potential to make significant changes on the quality of your life.

  1. Make sure your diet is rich in quality raw foods, which are living foods, full of enzymes, easy to digest and are quickly converted to available energy. By comparison, cooked and processed food is ‘dead’.
  2. Drink when you’re thirsty. Drink mainly filtered water. Mild de-hydration can be the cause of many ailments, including high blood pressure. Avoid excess coffee (a diuretic so will increase your dehydration) and soft drinks (which increase your body acidity).
  3. The sun is essential to all life. Ensure you are exposed to it without sun screen. Without sun, you can easily suffer with vitamin D deficiency.
  4. Look upon pain as a sign your body, or some part of your body needs attention. Pain is your friend, not your enemy. It alerts you to something that you may not otherwise realise. Avoiding the pain with pain killers detaches your mind from your body.
  5. Use holistic medicines, in particular homeopathy, as your health modality, as these work by improving your immune system. Drugs work by depressing your immune system.
  6. See something beautiful or wondrous every day. It may be the colour of a flower, the flight of an insect, the gentle breeze in a tree, a bird’s song, a child’s giggle, a shop assistant’s care and attention, the smile of your partner. Stop and enjoy the moment. Savour it. Then look for it in other areas.
  7. Learn something new every week. This not only enriches your life with more information, but it keeps your learning skills honed and your brain eager for more. This can be one of the fastest ways of countering depression.
  8. Learn to spend time only with those who enrich your life. Either avoid those who drain your energy, or learn to switch off, to disengage, in their presence. This will prevent them ‘stealing’ your energy. Soon, they will leave you alone and move on to others less well armoured.
  9. Take regular (daily) time to unwind, to de-stress, to relax. This can be simply a few precious seconds of meditation several times a day, or an hour in the part. Just make sure it’s regular. Learn to put your mind in neutral.
  10. Learn to trust your intuition, that feeling which often comes out of the blue, but will always alert you to trouble and is always on your side. Learning to trust this little used ability can take time, but it is much more valuable than ten PhD’s.

Once you realise that your body has a natural ability to heal you, when it is supplied with the right ingredients, you’ll never look upon illness in the same negative light again.

Fitness Health Nutrition Tips


There are times when even the most fitness and health conscious diner succumbs to the temptations of the buffet and calorific sweet meats. But is pigging out occasionally a harmless indulgence or a real health worry? Here are some fitness health nutrition tips to lose weight healthily.

Firstly we need to stay clued in. Knowledge is power. In other words, we have to arm ourselves with the facts about fitness, health and nutrition. For instance we need to know what a healthy diet is and ignore the fads. This way we are more likely to build confidence in our abilities and achieve our fitness goals. Long term weight control is about being realistic, and enjoying healthy eating and exercise habits for life and reaping all the benefits.

It is absolutely important to have clear motivation. It will be better to write down the reasons for wanting to achieve fitness by following a nutritious and healthy eating pattern .It definitely helps our feeling of commitment. We have to include reasons that are not just about appearance. For instance, will it help us feel fit enough to do more things that we want to do or will it cure the back pain etc.It can be a useful motivator if the going gets tough.

It helps us to become more aware of our eating habits and problem areas if we write down what we eat and drink. It is a powerful way to kick off planning and bringing changes to the diet and put us in control as it paves way to recognize what is going on and understand more about our self. Keeping a food diary helps to stay on track and see the great progress made.

Another important fitness health nutrition tip is to set realistic goals. Losing five to ten percent of the weight is an ideal target. Losing modest amounts of weight are not just easier to keep off but bring big health benefits. If the goals are realistic they are likely to be achieved and we stick with them and feel successful, which in turn boosts our self confidence.

We need to work out as to how to achieve the goals. Writing the goals and action plans helps enormously. Much of the eating we do when we are not hungry is a habit like response to a variety of triggers. We need to plan ways to avoid these triggers like keeping the binge foods out of the house or joining an evening class instead of watching TV etc.

One of the main fitness health nutrition tips is to be a conscious eater and make choices about what we eat. It will not only help us feel in control and achieve our goals, it will stop us from feeling deprived. If unwanted food cravings do strike, acknowledge them and distract oneself with a chore or a more involving task.

Finally eat regular meals, starting with the breakfast. It helps us to regulate how much we eat by stabilizing blood sugar levels and allowing us to recognize natural feelings of hunger and fullness. They also stop us from worrying about hunger as we know our next meal or snack is not far away.

Secret Natural Tips to Clean a Carpet

If you ever had dirt or spilt wine in your carpet, it can be the hardest thing to clean up! Cleaning up carpet these days require you to use dangerous chemicals and harmful products that are not good for the skin and your general health! Nearly all chemicals used to clean carpets are carcinogenic (that is cause cancer), so it is best that you avoid using chemicals to clean your carpet! Here are 2 secret natural tips to clean your carpet!

1. Hot Water mixed with lemon

Hot water mixed with lemon is the simplest and most natural way to clean your carpet! To clean your carpet with hot water and lemon, you must localize the problem stain area first. Once done so, pour hot water and lemon on the carpet slowly and carefully drip by drip! Then when the carpet is moderately wet, get a sponge and mop up the water. You will find out that the carpet is nice and clean! This is because lemon is quite acidic and helps to extract dirt out of the fabric. That’s why most detergents smell like lemon because it has lemon extracts that keep your fabric looking clean and fresh!

2. Baking soda and water!

Baking soda is a natural product that won’t harm your skin or your health! Baking soda is used for cooking to help make bread rise, so you can be sure that baking soda is harmless! Using baking soda to clean carpet is easy! Simply add baking soda to your carpet where it is affected and then add water to rub in. Agitate the carpet until the stain has been removed! It is very simple and easy to do!

Natural Tips For Getting Rid of Those Ugly Burn Scars

It happens that you may have to deal with burn scars at one point in your life. If that point is now, you are fortunate to have the internet where you can get valuable information on how to get rid of scars. You will also realize that you do not have to spend your hard-earned money as there are other good natural options in getting rid of your scars.

To begin, here are natural tips for getting rid of burn scars:

• Work with nature and your body to heal the scar tissue and eliminate burn scars. There are herbs, oils, vitamins, minerals, and natural activities that can heal your scars and let them disappear in time. Some of these natural remedies can even speed up the healing process. For instance, gently rubbing your affected skin with lemon juice or cucumber or even ice cubes can help heal the scar tissue that will enable your scars to disappear. You just have to be patient and allow some time for the healing to take place.

• You can also pay close attention to what you eat. Loading your body with the necessary nutrients and vitamins such as Vitamin E can speed up the healing of your scar tissue and make your burn scar go away. Eating the right diet is good for the over-all health condition of your body. In keeping yourself informed of how to get rid of burn scars, you will be able to make better decisions that can save you not only your hard-earned money but also putting your health to unnecessary risks just to get rid of the burn scars.

Natural Tips For Curing Constipation

There are some very easy and natural tips for curing constipation that you may not be aware of. It is essential to allow complete absorption of the nutrients you absorb in your food. Constipation prevents this. And the natural cure for constipation will be of greater benefit to your overall health, than the drug treatment, which may have adverse side effects.

Curing constipation is always best by understanding what causes it and then remedying that. Any other approach will not cure.

One of the main causes of constipation is dehydration. Few people drink enough. The problem arises because people don’t want to stop what they’re doing to go and get a drink. So the best remedy is to ensure you have water with you at all times and drink when you’re thirsty. (Try to avoid plastic water bottles with BPA).

And remember that coffee is a diuretic, so if you drink a lot of coffee, you can guarantee you’ll be dehydrated.

Another very common cause of constipation is a diet high in processed food. Processed food is denatured food. This means that part of the food has been stripped away for appearances sake. For example white sugar and white flour are not natural forms of food. Essential nutrients have been stripped away (to make them white), which are required for complete digestion. This can lead to constipation.

By avoiding these denatured foods and only eating whole foods, this problem can be easily solved.

Few people eat anything like enough fresh fruit and vegetables. This should be the basis of all quality diets. Fresh fruit and vegetables have a high fibre content, which ensures regular and easy elimination. This is the bonus after providing you with quality nutrients essential for a healthy life.

Most people eat too much animal protein. All animal protein can lead to constipation, so should be limited to no more than once a day, if that. And that should be in moderation.

Other, less common, causes of constipation can be from travel, which upsets routine, from regular drug use (medical or social) and from stress, anxiety or other strong mental or emotional issues.

For these deeper causes of constipation, you can quickly and easily resolve them by consulting a professional homeopath. A good one will be able to see what the original cause is and deftly deal with it.

Homeopathy is a complete and natural form of health care which works by stimulating your immune system, so that, in effect you cure you. It is a powerful, yet gentle modality of health care which can help you resolve problems from minor inconveniences to major, life-threatening diseases, and everything in between.

Tips For Losing Weight And Achieving Health

One of the most major issues people tend to face in life is that they have allowed themselves to gain far more weight than they have a desire to have gained, and now they are stuck trying to figure out how to lose this weight; of course, there are a lot of weight loss programs out there, and many of these weight loss programs are effective at accomplishing what they aim to accomplish, but one of the big problems with many of these weight loss programs is that they compromise your health in other ways. The fact of the matter is, weight loss is as much about increasing your level of health as it is about looking your best, and as such, you will not want to compromise your health in order to simply lose some extra pounds.

The good news, as far as things go with losing weight and promoting health at the same time, is that God has put everything on Earth we need in order to improve our health, lose weight, and look our best; when you simply tap into eating and living life the way we were intended to eat and live life, you will gain a great advantage as a result!

Of course, the lie that a majority of people listen to is that it is necessary for them to use these unnatural, chemically-enhanced products that are available on the market in order for them to lose weight – as these people think that this is the only way for them to reach their goals; because these people never realize that there are other alternatives available, they never take advantage of these other alternatives themselves.

While you cannot change what everyone else is doing, however, you can change what you are doing – and “changing what you are doing” should mean taking the time to learn everything you can about losing weight in a healthy, natural manner; when you find a website that is packed with information regarding healthy, natural weight loss, you will be able to start picking up all the tips you need in order to succeed in this area. And of course, as you begin to pick up all the tips you need in order to succeed in this area, you will be able to start enjoying the fruits of your learning and your efforts, and will be able to begin losing weight in a health, natural manner – while also putting yourself in a position where you will continue to experience long-term health throughout the duration of your life!

How To Achieve Optimal Thyroid Health

Many people with hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are sick and tired of taking thyroid medication, and would like to do what is necessary to achieve optimal thyroid health naturally, without having to take any drugs. Of course some people with thyroid conditions do need to take thyroid medication on a continuous basis. On the other hand, many people can restore their health back to normal by following a natural thyroid treatment protocol.

If you have a hypothyroid or hyperthyroid condition, or even an autoimmune thyroid disorder such as Graves’ Disease or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, the following represent six things you can do in order to help you achieve optimal thyroid health:

Optimal Thyroid Health Tip #1: Whole foods are the best. Eating well is definitely important to achieve optimal thyroid health. Many people wonder what the perfect “thyroid diet” is, but it really comes down to using common sense. Eating a diet consisting mostly of whole foods and minimizing the refined foods and sugars is the ideal diet.

Is the quality of the whole foods you eat important? In other words, should you be eating organic foods? Well, obviously eating organic foods is ideal, but is also more costly. I would definitely recommend that you try to eat organic meats whenever possible. As for fruits and vegetables, some of these are higher in pesticides than others (spinach, strawberries, grapes, etc.), and therefore you definitely should try to avoid eating these foods if they’re non-organic. Of course it’s impossible to avoid all of the toxins, and nobody expects you to eat a perfect diet 100% of the time. However, if you follow the advice I just gave then this will definitely help you to achieve optimal thyroid health.

Optimal Thyroid Health Tip #2: Effectively manage your stress. Most people deal with chronic stress on a daily basis. No matter how hard you try you won’t be able to eliminate the stress from your life. But most people can do a much better job of managing their stress. One of the things I ask on my patient health questionnaires is for people to rate the amount of stress they have on a scale of 1-10, as well as their stress handling skills. And while many people give themselves high ratings when it comes to stress handling, I find that most people don’t do as good of a job of managing stress as they think. It’s definitely a challenge to do this, but is essential for anyone looking to achieve optimal thyroid health.

Optimal Thyroid Health Tip #3: Obtaining quality sleep is essential. We all know the importance of obtaining quality sleep each night, yet there still are many people who try to get away with less than seven hours sleep on a regular basis. Of course some people do attempt to get quality sleep, but have difficulty falling asleep and/or wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. If this is the case then you might need to modify some of the other lifestyle factors I have discussed in this article. On the other hand, if you intentionally neglect your sleep then eventually this will catch up to you, and will most likely affect your ability to achieve optimal thyroid health.

Optimal Thyroid Health Tip #4: Certain nutritional supplements and herbs can help. Some people with thyroid conditions can benefit by taking certain supplements and herbs. Which ones depends on your specific condition, as many people with hypothyroidism can benefit from herbs such as Bladderwrack and Ashwagandha, while many people with hyperthyroidism can obtain natural relief from their symptoms by using Bugelweed and/or Motherwort. Other important supplements and herbs include Vitamin D, iodine, selenium, Magnesium, and Eleuthero. Of course the long-term goal shouldn’t be to rely on taking herbs and supplements, but they usually are necessary to restore the health of someone who currently has a thyroid condition.

Optimal Thyroid Health Tip #5: Minimize your exposure to environmental toxins. Environmental toxins can also exacerbate, and in some cases directly cause a thyroid condition to develop. Just as is the case with chronic stress, one can’t completely eliminate their exposure to environmental toxins. But most people can do a much better job with this, especially with regards to the foods, cosmetics, and other household products they purchase and bring into their home. So simply being more health-conscious with regards to the foods and products you buy can make a big difference here.

Optimal Thyroid Health Tip #6: Consult with an expert. While most of what I described above you can do on your own, if you’re really looking to achieve optimal thyroid health then it’s a good idea to speak with a holistic doctor who focuses on endocrine disorders. This type of doctor will do what is necessary to evaluate your condition, and can put you on a natural thyroid treatment protocol to help restore your thyroid health back to normal, assuming this is possible of course.

In summary, whether you have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, if you follow these six tips you are likely to achieve optimal thyroid health. While it can be challenging to follow some of these tips, most people who are willing to take responsibility for their health are happy they made such a commitment.

Skin Care Natural Tips To Maintain A Healthy

So what are the skin care naturals tips to a healthy skin?

Well, the skin mirrors the inner health of our body and mind – this is without any doubt. Long periods of physical and mental stress encourages certain biochemical changes in the body in which the skins become older at a faster rate and therefore degrade the skin quality with an unattractive appearance.

According to the renowned skincare experts, certain skin problems such as hives, eczema, psoriasis, tics, itching, to name a few, that cast a lethal impact on the skin condition have been found to be exacerbated by stress – be it either mental or physical. The University of Maryland Medical Center established that the skin becomes clammy as a result of serious stress.

Hence, the foremost point in regarding the natural skin care tips is to lead a stress less life – both physically and mentally, because the body and mind are not distinctive entities and they affect each other. The natural skin care methods are all about taking care of the skin to promote the desired health of the skin in a genuinely natural way that involves no intake of any chemical drugs or artificial synthetics at all.

Natural Skin Care Tip – Proper Digestion

Promoting a proper digestive system is one of the vital natural skin care tips that cannot be denied at all. People who suffer from problems of acne, psoriasis and rosacea have been found to be suffering from an imbalanced digestive system. Therefor, count proper digestion as part of the natural skin care tips. This natural tip is not expensive, yet yield terrific results.

Water As One Of The Natural Skin Care Tip

Water, as a matter of fact, has always play a great role in maintaining a proper health of the skin. Doctors recommend at least five or six liters of pure drinking water in normal coarse every day to flush out the toxins from the interior of our body, which is of significance to having healthy skin. Moreover, water helps to keep the skin properly hydrated from within to give it glowing look.

Do Not Take Excessive Sugar

Excessive consumption of sugar can lead to the aging of the skin at a high rate. Consumption of excess sugar promotes the process “Glycation” where the protein molecules are damaged by the glucose molecules to form the “advanced glycation end products”, which actually damage the collagen in the skin and the elasticity, thereby forming wrinkles. So no more or less chocolate going forward.

Consumption Of Good Fats

Flaxseed oils, walnut oil, cold-water fish and fish oil supplements etc. are some of the necessary ingredients that should always be included in the menu in order to promote the healthy skin. These are those essential fats that form the cell membranes, hormones and certain body chemicals.

Natural Tip For Moldy Basements

I went downstairs to my finished basement last week – I hadn’t been down there in a while – and my face started to tingle. No, it wasn’t an emotional or a spiritual ‘tingle’, it was a sensation that I get when I’m in the presence of a toxin.

Now, you might think this is an odd happening, but if you know what it’s like to be energetically and environmentally sensitive, then you probably understand.

Like many other sensitives, I pick up “information” in my environment. You know, it’s that “vibrational” thing (and if you ‘don’t know’ then make sure you listen in on my show with Dr. Jim Oschman author of the Science of Energy Medicine). But this time it wasn’t only energetic, it was a physical, environmental sensation (although the two aren’t really separate). Not only did I know it was a toxin, I knew what it was – and that it was mold.

Some might not consider mold a toxin but when it’s overgrowing in my environment, to me it’s a toxin. I had a criticizing moment with myself for not keeping up with the de-humidifying process over the past two months, and after that, I had a conversation in my head that went something like this. . . .

“how ironic, or rather synchronistic, or better yet, fortunate, that I just interviewed Jacque and Dr. Ed Close about natural treatment for mold and I have my notes handy on their recommended protocol!” (of which I’m going to share a brief outline with you here.) I am always so excited to apply what I learn in theory, and here I had that opportunity.

After I got the dehumification back on track, I brought my essential oil diffusers downstairs. (I really went hog-wild here and brought down three diffusers – much more than I needed – just one diffuser would have been sufficient, but I had them at the house so I used them!)

I diffused the essential oil blend of Thieves for a little more than 24 hours (if you don’t know how to use a diffuser watch my video in the link below). The Close’s protocol says to diffuse for 24 to 72 hours.

I was so anxious to clean that I only diffused for the minimum of 24 hours. I got out my Thieves cleaner and wiped every and any surface down with the appropriate mixture of water and the Thieves cleaner. I then diffused again for 2 straight days. Now there were a few things I didn’t do on the protocol, like the testing. . . but my own personal test was sufficient as far as I was concerned!

Here is a quick overview of the protocol: (but if you want more thorough information you may want to buy the book: Nature’s Mold Rx: The Non-Toxic Solution to Toxic Mold”)

–Get sampling (Pre-test)
–Diffuse 24 – 72 hours
–Diffuse again
–Get a follow up sampling (Post-test)

You can also listen to the replay of my show where I interview Dr. and Jacque Close who are the experts in this work. I’ve got to tell you that there is great information in this interview – including what to do for mold in
the body! It’s worth listening to!